Cringe-Worthy Clinton

Throughout the 2016 campaign, Clinton supporters were adamant that, while Clinton was not perfect, what she was doing was necessary to win the election. She was the only person who has a chance to beat Donald Trump! You might not agree with her choices, but she has what it takes.

Except, she didn’t defeat him. She lost.

Yes, she won the popular vote. I’ve long thought the electoral college should be abolished. It’s undemocratic, has a dodgy history, and is unjust! However, it’s what decides the presidency. And she lost that.

Perhaps Bernie would have won. Perhaps he would have lost! But even if he lost, he would’ve spent the last four months five months of the campaign putting for progressive policy ideas, instead of simply insulting Donald Trump and having to answer questions about an email server. (Even if the ‘email’ controversy was overblown.)

If the Clintons want to return to the public spotlight, they need to take some time off. Don’t write dumb books. Don’t start dumb social media platforms. Just fade away for awhile. Keep up the good work at the Clinton Foundation. Hang out with more people like Jimmy Carter, and less people like Jeffrey Epstein.

And stop giving expensive speeches to Wall Street. (Obama, you too.)

The Clintons have done a lot of looking outward about what went wrong in 2016. It’s time that they look inward. And, as the Clintons have shown, they are incapable of doing so while in the public light.