Unmitigated Disaster

With Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma having already hit the United States (Puerto Rico and parts of the Virgin Islands are U.S. territory), let’s check in on how we, as a country, are preparing for and handling these environmental disasters.

I’m glad the President is taking it seriously. Oh, wait.

That’s okay, the acting head of FEMA has a good track record. Oh, wait.

In that case, at least FEMA is well-staffed. Oh, wait.

At any rate, FEMA is still well-funded. Oh, wait.

Okay, but big picture: at least the commander-in-chief is concerned about climate change. Oh, wait.

Well, the Secretary of State is. Oh, wait.

The Secretary of Energy is? Oh, wait.

There’s no way that the head of the Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t have our back! Oh, wait.

What’s next? The House Science Committee chair denies climate change!? Oh, wait.

Only 1,228 days until Inauguration Day 2021.

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