Just a bad meme about Hurricane Irma

Through the magical wonders of our futuristic utopia, I was able to see a dumb meme shared by someone I haven’t spoken to since middle school. It was about Hurricane Irma, and a quick Google search linked it back to an alt-right Reddit page.* The caption read:

Give this bitch directions to North Korea!

This is actually bad advice, even if it were possible. The wealthy ruling class in Pyongyang undoubtably has bunkers that could withstand natural disasters (or massive bomb strikes). The real people who would suffer would be the 24 million North Korean citizens, 70% of whom are malnourished

My real takeaway from the meme was how people are carelessly fail to decipher between the North Korean government and North Korea as a whole. This is nothing new; the Afghani people were not the problem, the Taliban was. Japanese people were not the problem, Japanese Imperial government was. Muslims are not the problem, terror groups are.

I get it — this is “just a joke.” But, I think it speaks to a broader issue that people in the United States often overlook.




*I removed the link. I don’t think alt-right Reddit groups need more publicity.