The Feminist Cabal strikes again

Oh, okay:

One radical fringe that is growing is Mgtow, which stands for Men Going Their Own Way and pronounced MIG-tow. Mgtow aims for total male separatism, including forgoing children, avoiding marriage and limiting involvement with women. Its message boards are brimming with activity from Silicon Valley, Mr. Altizer said.

I have a handful of friends and acquaintances who actually believe in so-called “men’s rights activism” or believe in many aspects of “Red Pill” gender analysis. They vary in extremity, and none of them (openly?) espouse “Mgtow” ideology. Perhaps surprisingly, some of them actually have good intentions. After reading online message boards about the topic, they are often led to believe that it is the sole “scientific” view of gender. This appears to be the result of scientific studies being either cherrypicked or distorted.

For the most part, they justify their views by saying that human attraction is based solely on genetics–and has nothing to do with culture, beauty standards, or other examples of socialization. Genetics, they argue, dictate that men should take dominant, aggressive roles in life, whereas women should be meek and submissive. Equality is actually oppression and actually unscientific, they claim. Thus feminism seeks to overthrow this balance!

As with many conspiracy theories, there is a minute kernel of truth (biology does play some role in human attraction) wrapped up in a whole lot of nonsense (feminists are trying to oppress men). Things will only get worse before they get better, so get used to hearing more from these dubious “meninists”.