Yeouido’s hotels are convenient for travelers

During Chuseok (추석) vacation, two friends visited me in Seoul. It was a nice time, despite some businesses being closed due to the holiday. As I live in Yeoungdeungpo-gu (영등포구), it made sense for them to book hotels near to my apartment in Dangsan-dong (당산동). I told them that they might enjoy staying at Yeouido (여의도) and they ended up loving it.

One of my friends stayed at GLAD Hotel (글래드호텔) near to National Assembly station (국회의사당역) on Line 9 (9호선). When I say that it was “near” to the station, I mean it: Exits 4 and 5 were right in front of the hotel lobby. A bus stop was conveniently near the station, as well. Taxi drivers were also able to easily come to and from the hotel due to its proximity to the National Assembly building.

The hotel was clean and modern. The staff all spoke varying degrees of English, so my friends–who speak no Korean–were able to communicate easily. As an extra, guests can request different varieties of pillows free of charge; this includes body pillows, memory foam pillows, and even polyester buckwheat pillows. The only complaint I observed was that each room did not seem to have enough electrical outlets.

My other friend booked at Marriott Executive Apartments Yeouido (메리어트 이그제큐티브아파트먼트 서울). This is a short walk from Yeouido Station (여의도) station on Line 9 and Line 5 (5호선), but it was in front of a bus stop. The Line 9 subway station is also an express station, as well.

The room was gorgeous, but was perhaps more than my friend needed for his trip. It was a full apartment, featuring a small kitchen, a washer/dryer combo, and a living room. The staff was fully English capable. While the pillow options were less diverse than at GLAD Hotel, the staff was very accommodating in terms of bringing cords to connect smart devices to the TV and speaker system.

Yeouido seems overlooked by travelers because it is not in a “hip” part of the city, unlike Hongdae (홍대), Gangnam (강남), or Myeongdong (명동). Fair enough! However, it was convenient, quiet, and perfect for my friends’ visit, and I wanted to make sure that other travelers were aware of this area.