The Kimmel Test

Jimmy Kimmel’s son almost died, and it made him realize that healthcare was important. A Republican politician then lied to Jimmy Kimmel and made promises that he didn’t keep. Kimmel called him out on it. Good for Kimmel.

Conservatives freaked out – how dare a rich person care for the poor! So, they dug up a couple TV segments from the early 2000s to claim that Kimmel is not perfect, or something. One has him women feeling his pants, and it’s a bit cringe-worthy. The other involves Kimmel wearing blackface, which, in all seriousness, is actually quite racist. Shame on Kimmel.

Maybe there’s context I’m missing. Or he might be a total hypocrite! Maybe he’s grown as a person. Maybe he hasn’t! But none of this changes that he was entirely correct on healthcare, and that conservatives are fighting a losing battle.