Childish behavior

I’ve noticed some of my right-wing friends on Facebook sharing links detailing instances of sexual misconduct in Hollywood. I think it’s great that they’re shedding light on cases that deserve more attention. But, their motivations are a bit suspect.

Just tonight (ostensibly) a family member posted a link about pedophilia in the Hollywood. That seems like a reasonable issue to broach! But the crux of the article was, “Hollywood has a lot of liberal people and bad things happen there,” which reminded me of this post from Atrios:

for Democrats, sexual harassment and assault are…bad. Republicans don’t care. So for them the Weinstein issue is just a lol libturds are big hypocrites. You say you don’t like rape, but here’s a liberal who is an accused rapist! hypocrites!!@@!!!!!@!!@

Before I start hearing from people, I’ll add: #notallrepublicans. But, if you pay attention to the way right-wing and left-wing media cover instances of sexual misconduct, you will notice a stark difference.