Schools don’t like controversy

Sometimes schools shut down their Halloween celebrations. Perhaps they’re concerned about kids wearing offensive costumes. Maybe they’re worried about children carrying realistic-looking prop weapons. Halloween candy and snacks might contain ingredients that people are allergic to. Some parents might have concerns about the healthfulness (or lack there of) of candy. There’s also that inaccurate yet widespread myth of poison-laced candy. Some religious people think that Halloween goes against their views, as well. Or maybe teachers, who are overworked and underpaid, don’t want to deal with another celebration.

I can practically hear the eye rolling occurring from some readers. And, personally, I think that Halloween celebrations should take place! It’s a secular celebration that centers on members of the community sharing with one another. That’s a good thing!

However, I can understand why schools sometimes decide that they don’t want to deal with Halloween parties. It’s not some grand conspiracy theory to indoctrinate children into so-called “political correctness” – it’s a host of mostly valid reasons.

People seem freak out on local school boards more about Halloween-related controversies than on issues of educational quality. And that’s weird to me.