Racism on campus

Profoundly disturbing news coming out of the University of Hartford in Connecticut:

A freshman at the University of Hartford, Jazzy Rowe, has received an outpouring of support on social media after alleging that her former roommate systematically worked to poison her during the first few weeks of the school year. […]

Rowe says that [her roommate’s Instagram posts] explained how her ex-roommate waged a campaign against her that included placing Rowe’s toothbrush in unsanitary areas of the body, spitting in Rowe’s oil, pouring rotten clam dip in Rowe’s beauty products and rubbing used tampons against Rowe’s backpack. […]

To make matters worse, according to Rowe, after moving out, she was told “the situation is over,” by residence hall authorities. The same officials allegedly told her that she wasn’t allowed to talk about what happened.

Considering that the accused white roommate referred to Jazzy Rowe as “Jamaican Barbie” in the demented Instagram posts bragging about the abuse, it is hard to argue that this was not, at least in part, racially motivated.

When students speak about social issues within their college communities, they are routinely mocked by the mainstream press as being “too sensitive” or “entitled.” Perhaps we need to give students a bit more credit for understanding the communities where they work, live, and study better than those who seek to discredit them. This example, sadly, is only one of many demonstrating that point.


UPDATE: Minutes after posting this, news broke that the white roommate has been arrested. The roommate, Brianna Brochu, is out on bail and can face up to one year in prison.