Kids these days

Over at Rewire, Ellen Friedrichs wrote an excellent piece about how social pressures affect teenagers’ sexuality. Everyone should read it, but this part stood out to me as particularly noteworthy:

Not too long ago, I showed a high school class the Advocates for Youth documentary, “Let’s Talk About Sex.” In it, a Dutch teen mentions that the first time he had sex, it was at home, in his bed, after he and his girlfriend had had dinner with his mom.

There were gasps from the class and one of my students said in horror, “They had sex when his mom was home!?”

While teen couple sleepovers may seem radical to American teens and adults alike, this is a practice that has been adopted by health professionals, politicians, teachers, and parents in countries across Western Europe. In the region, teens tend to have sex at the same age as Americans, but with measurably fewer negative outcomes.

This is a textbook case of “what has been proven effective” versus traditionalism. Go read the whole article if you’re interested.