A few days ago, I came across two articles detailing the violent, abusive nature of the relationship involving late hip-hop artist The Notorious B.I.G. and internationally acclaimed Lil’ Kim. It’s particularly jarring to read for fans of his (I consider myself one), but important none the less.

The articles reminded me of a professor in college mentioning Tupac Shakur, another hip-hop legend, being convicted of first degree sexual abuse. The reality of his sexual abuse would likely shock many, as Tupac is noted for the conscious nature of his music.

As I’ve written about here, hip-hop music is a powerful art form that, much like any art form, has its share of issues. I was glad to see Big Pun’s son openly rapping about the abusive nature of his late father, and I hope that it creates a space to discuss these difficult topics.

As the Weinstein issue shows, massively talented people can also cause massive damage. We need to talk about it.