Wake up!

Great article from Vice:

Today, neoliberal politicians and business leaders know it’s important to look woke. In our free market economy, you can enact policies and make business decisions that increase inequality, harm workers from all backgrounds and continue to destroy the environment, but if you put in an appearance at a Pride rally or speak about the need for ethnic diversity in the workplace then you’re all good.

You don’t have to stand for anything other than a good photo-op and you don’t have to be committed to anything other than the free flow of capital and the appearance of tolerance.

While the politicians below certainly don’t outdo the men like Donald Trump when it comes to implementing policies that make our world worse, they’re far less woke than their well-manicured images suggest.

The article then goes on to rip apart Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, John McCain, and Angela Merkel.

I get it. Politics is often depressing, and it’s sometimes it feels good to have some “woke” politicians to look toward. But by glorifying these folks, actually “woke” figures are often overlooked.