Hold Bill accountable

Vox has a refreshingly good explainer about the rape accusations against Bill Clinton:

America’s ongoing national reckoning with sexual assault and sexual harassment by powerful men now has liberals and Democrats reconsidering the legacy of one of party’s most important figures of the past quarter-century: President Bill Clinton.

Clinton has faced multiple allegations of sexual assault and harassment, most famously his affair with Monica Lewinsky — which, while consensual in some sense, was nonetheless textbook sexual harassment of a subordinate of a kind that would (or perhaps more accurately, should) get many CEOs fired from their companies.

The whole piece provides much more depth, but I think it’s important that he be held accountable.

I’ve been a Democrat since the first time I registered to vote. I voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election. I’m not as fond of the Clintons as many are, but certainly rehashing these events could bring negative press toward the party.

None of that matters – we have to do what’s right. Bill Clinton should be held accountable.