Make it rain

When folks in the U.S.  are discussing public policy, they love to say, “This is a complicated issue and throwing money at it won’t solve it.” This is something said by folks on both sides of the aisle (yes, #bothsides) and, while literally true, it’s a dumb thing to say. Don’t say it!

To begin with, it’s stupidly obvious. It’s like saying, “I do not support filling a bucket with cash and dumping it from a skyscraper.” That’s not well-reasoned insight; that’s childish.

But also, sometimes things need money! Want a nice subway system? You have to spend money on it. Want a good educational system? You have to spend money on it! Want to help people after natural disasters occur? You have to spend money on it!

You don’t think we should take a bucket of cash and drop it from a tall being? Good for you. I applaud your courageousness and innovative thinking! Now, let people serious about policy get back to work.