Is [insert new thing here] ruining [insert old thing here]?

I recently read an article called “Is Instagram Ruining Mother Nature?” The piece was not actually that bad; it was basically talking about how Instagram has fueled interest for people to go to previously unpopular locations to take photos. This influx of people has meant that some areas are not well-equipped to handle that many visitors, and some of those visitors are litter bugs. Not a bad point!

A few years ago, people were concerned that the internet would mean that people would never leave home and enjoy the great outdoors. Now the internet is causing too many people to leave home and enjoy the great outdoors!

Perhaps I have more of an issue with how the title frames the piece. New technology will inevitably lead to people changing their behavior. Sometimes this is a good change, sometimes it is not.

Framing technology as something that poisons the well seems to be misleading. Explore the full context–the good and the bad–and then mention some potential fixes. Stop asking if “millennials” are  “killing” things, and stop saying that technology is “ruining” things. Call it like it is: people’s behaviors are changing, and then focus on how to mitigate growing pains.