Talking BS about BTS

As I wrote about recently, tensions between South Korea and China will likely result in an increase of k-pop performances in the United States. Sadly, this will also mean an increase of racist, anti-Asian comments, like this one from an alt-right personality:

Mark Dice didn’t seem to mind that Nial Horan (from Ireland) won New Artist of the Year. Or that Justin Bieber (from Canada) performed in 2015. In fact, One Direction (from the United Kingdom) and Justin Bieber have won Artist of the Year–twice!

Dice didn’t mind because those performers are white. Mark Dice is a supremacist. His entire Twitter feed is filled with a litany of conspiracy theories about how white people are the real victims of racism in the United States.

To be honest, I don’t particularly care about Mark Dice. He’s a wanna be Alex Jones, but far less popular. However, as k-pop becomes more mainstream in the US, more people with racists will come out of the woodwork.

Some fans of BTS have encouraged the record label to file a lawsuit against Dice. Given free speech laws in the United States, such a lawsuit would likely fail. Even if pursuing legal action might not work, fans are right to blast racists like Dice on social media. Racists need to be exposed.