You may now listen to holiday music

Earlier in the month, I took an informal, unsicentific poll of my Facebook friends to find out when it was appropriate to start listening to holiday music. I compiled the results, but I surmised that the initial findings were not terribly useful. More below.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 11.17.01“Advent” refers to a period of time prior to December 25 observed in many Christian churches; the date changes by year, but in 2017 it will begin on December 3 and end on December 24.

While I was amused by my Facebook friends’ intensity on the subject, I was not content with the “Never” or “Always” answers. I enjoy holiday music, but it feels wrong to be listening to it before Halloween.

In the chart below, I have removed the “Never” and “Always” options. I also did not include “December 24” because–let’s face it–only listening to holiday music for 24-48 hours is not enough.
Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 11.17.19

As U.S. Thanksgiving falls on the last Thursday of November–except when the last Thursday is the last day of November, as it is this year–the following Friday has been dubbed “Black Friday.” People go shopping and stores have (usually) generous sales. Some people begin Christmas shopping on Black Friday, which seems too late in my view.

This is obviously a U.S.-centric answer. Cafés and malls in South Korea, for example, start the Christmas festivities on November 1st. I would guess that other countries start in mid-to-late November or, at the very latest, early December. While Black Friday is (mostly) a United States thing, it does provide a good metric by which to start listening to holiday music: not too close to December 25, but not too far away.