What did I just read?

There’s an issue in Hartford, Connecticut (my home state!) which might make bigger headlines soon. There’s been a rising problem in the last few years of religious groups creating fake abortion clinics and then lying to the prospective patients about abortion-related health services. It’s disgusting, and many in Hartford want to criminalize this dishonest behavior.

If you’ve never heard of this before, you might think I’m exaggerating when I call them dishonest, or when I say that they are lying to patients. I promise that I am not:

Abortion pill reversal, an unproven protocol promoted by anti-choice groups, is among the services listed on St. Gerard’s advertisement cards, along with free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and “help recovering from post-abortive trauma,” a purported condition that is unsupported by evidence.

Feel free to read that quotation a few times to let it sink in. WTF?

You’ll likely hear these lying liars lie about this case, claiming that this is a free speech issue. It’s not: this is an issue of false advertisement and medical regulations. Good luck to Hartford.