Interesting take on the success of the Hallmark Channel:

Hallmark’s appeal is strongest in the Midwest and the South. Though the channel’s programming is politically agnostic, if you highlighted its strongholds in red on a map, it would look a lot like the electoral college results in the 2016 election. Ratings for Hallmark programs are higher by 50% or more outside of the top 10 TV markets that include blue state centers New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and Chicago, according to Nielsen data for 2017.

I like the idea that right-wing viewers can tune into a channel that shows programming they enjoy without being promoting some of the more vicious bigotries present in the contemporary conservative movement.

That being said, the fact that “edgier” films push boundaries is a good thing. They make viewers think, and consider new points of view. It might not always be comfortable, but there is value in this.