What a mess

There’s already been a lot of good criticism of the recent New York Times piece that goes out of its way to humanize Nazis. Gross. What I find even odder is that the article itself it admits that far-right extremist groups are trying to humanize themselves to gain broader appeal.

[…] the movement will be looking to make use of people like the Hovaters and their trappings of [normal] life — their fondness for National Public Radio, their four cats, their bridal registry.

“We need to have more families. We need to be able to just be normal,” said Matthew Heimbach, the leader of the Traditionalist Worker Party, in a podcast conversation with Mr. Hovater.

[…] Mr. Hovater and others in the loosely defined alt-right movement are hoping to make their ideas less than shocking, even normal.

Did the journalist not realize that his own writing was helping these Nazis achieve their goal? What a mess.