White supremacist assaults college student

I think my headline was a bit more accurate than The New York Times article:

A Washington correspondent [Lucian Wintrich] for a provocative conservative website who spoke at the University of Connecticut was arrested on Tuesday night after he appeared to grab a woman who had taken papers off the lectern at which he had been speaking, officials said.

What exactly was the nature of Wintrich’s speech?

The confrontation happened near the end of a nearly hourlong speech — which The Associated Press said was titled “It’s OK To Be White” — during which people in the audience shouted and jeered.

Still not convinced?

Mr. Wintrich’s conservative website, The Gateway Pundit, gained notice last year for its fervent pro-Trump coverage and its penchant for promoting false rumors about voter fraud and Hillary Clinton’s health.

Mr. Wintrich, who has collaborated with Milo Yiannopoulos, the conservative provocateur, was granted press credentials to attend White House news briefings this year.

Birds of a feather flock together.

I do not look forward to reading about this tomorrow. There will probably be a lot of out of touch old people making broad generalizations about college students. And there’s definitely going to be a lot of finger wagging, and “both sides are to blame.”  I suppose these people will think that stealing some papers and assaulting a woman are morally equivalent?

One more question: why was the UConn College Republicans group hosting a white supremacist event in the first place? They might have had the free speech right to do so, but perhaps doing so was a bad idea because it’s racist. It’s hard to tell whether they agreed with the racist nature of the event, or because the logic of “LOL liburals gonna get triggered!!one!” is their guiding principle. Perhaps both?