Farewell to Last.fm

Today, I shuttered my Last.fm account. For those who have never heard of Last.fm, it was a service that would analyze what music users listen to, a process they called “scrobbling.” Each user had a profile where they could share their music listening trends. Sadly, it never quite took off.

I used Last.fm from July 18, 2006 until December 1, 2017. I scrobbled 141,025 songs over those 12 years. I listened to 2,839 unique artists. Assuming that the average song is 180 seconds long, I have spent 293 total days listening to music.

While Last.fm seemed promising when it started offering scrobbling services in mid 2006, it never really took off with the general public. It was an early streaming music provider, but it never ended up being competitive with Pandora, Spotify, or Apple Music.

I’ve enjoyed using Last.fm over the years, but the infrequently updated macOS application has become too buggy. Furthermore, from April 2016 until January 2017, I did not have a personal computer, so my Last.fm profile is missing around 10 months of content.

It feels a little odd shutting down a service that I have used for nearly half of my life. Thank you for the good memories, Last.fm!