Another creepy Bush

Billy Bush wrote an op-ed for the New York Times basically asserting that the “grab ’em by the pussy” tape is real. (This was apparently necessary after Donald Trump changed his mind about the tape’s authenticity.) At face value, the op ed is actually an excellent redemption story about a man realizing that he needs to actually listen to the women in his life. But, let’s dig a bit deeper.

After the tape itself was revealed, Billy Bush lost his job; Trump became president. For Trump to now question whether the tape was real–the same tape that nearly ended Billy Bush’s career–must be a real insult. Not to mention that being able to write such a slam-dunk, “I’m a good guy!” op-ed could be the first stepping stone for Billy Bush’s redemption.

People can certainly change. I hope Billy Bush has changed! But, his behavior on the bus was creepier than most people realize. We cannot let him slide so easily.

In the video itself, Billy Bush enthusiastically listens to Trump brag about sexual assault. While most people have (rightfully!) criticized him for not sticking up to Trump, what Billy does next is possibly worse.

Right after they get off the bus, Billy encourages the very actress Trump was ogling to give Trump a hug, and then goes on to ask her which of them she would like to date. He does all of this with full knowledge of the predatorial conversation that had just taken place.

Billy Bush did not just let Trump slide–he fully enabled him. His actions basically said, “I want in on this too!” Disgusting.

One measly NYT piece is not going to redeem him in my eyes.