Fake news, Pocahontas edition

Context is key:

It’s worth remembering what Senator Warren did to deserve this crap. Her major transgression, her big sin, this egregious breach of trust was… relying on what her family told her about her heritage and then passing it on to others. I know this is hard to believe, but this is how most people learned who they were and their family history- the oral tradition. There wasn’t always genealogy.com and DNA testing.

So she relied on what she was told growing up in Oklahoma, where probably everyone is somewhat Cherokee to some extent. That’s why they are calling her Pocahontas and the sophisticated race-baiters and bigots are calling her Fauxcahontas. That’s her fucking crime. And it is worth noting that to this date NO ONE has proven she is not some small part Cherokee, there’s just no [paperwork] proving she is.

And even so, DNA testing is not as accurate as many people believe.

There’s also a myth going around that she used this for some sort of “affirmative action” advantage. There’s no evidence of this whatsoever.