Great analogy:

When referring to a trans person pre transition, use their current name and pronouns. Old names and pronouns were always wrong.

We don’t talk about ‘when the earth was flat’. Thats what ppl thought and they were wrong. That’s as wrong as my old name.

Great tip:

fun tip for cis people: instead of saying “back when she was a he” or “back before [birthname] became [preferred name]”, try not being a pile of shit by saying something like “before she came out” or “before she began her transition”!

Great caveat:

You’re not a pile of shit for not knowing, however it can unintentionally make us feel like one when it happens

I know some people who insist on referring to pre-out-of-the-closet trans people by their old pronouns and names, before emphatically asserting something to the extent of: “I am going to use this name because that’s what it was back then.” That basically means: “I know I should support trans people’s rights, but I don’t want to confront my own biases.”

These issues are tough and people make mistakes. It’s important to learn from them.