iCloud needs a speed boost

I have been using Apple iCloud since it first debuted. While I have had no real horror stories with the service, I have had one consistent complaint: it frequently takes a long time to load files. While I have noticed this most within the Photos app with pictures and videos, I have also noticed it with other formats in the Files app. What gives?

This evening, I wanted to move 3 short videos of my old apartment from the Photos app to a separate folder on my iCloud Drive. The longest of the videos was about 20 seconds long. It took nearly 5 straight minutes of waiting for iOS 11 to “prepare” the videos. It took at least five times (conservative estimate!) longer to prepare these video files than the videos themselves!

I want to be clear that my experience with iCloud has been otherwise positive. However, this issue seems to consistently confuse me. If Apple wants iCloud to be the premier cloud storage option for its iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS users then it needs to increase speed and performance.