macOS still does not have Messages effects

When iOS 10 was officially released on September 13, 2016, users could send special effects with their iMessages sent in the Messages app. It seemed fair that when macOS Sierra–to be released a week later–dropped, users would be able to send and receive Messages effects from the Messages app on their macOS devices. However–no dice!

When iOS 11 debuted on September 19 with two new Messages effects, it was a clear sign that Apple was not giving up on Messages effects. Yet, when macOS High Sierra dropped on September 25 it was yet again missing support for Messages effects. What gives?

To be clear, there is one Messages effects that can be received (not sent): Invisible Ink. It seems a bit glitchy when sending pictures, videos, and hyperlinks, but it still works most of the time.

This is not a terribly important problem for Apple to fix, but it’s an odd inconsistency in their devices. The inclusion of being able to receive Invisibility Ink messages on macOS shows that there was some thought of including them, but it is bizarre that full support was not granted. I hope that future builds of macOS High Sierra fixes this.