What does a creep look like?

“Harvey Weinstein looks like a creep.” “Bill O’Reilly looks like a creep.” “Mario Batali looks like a creep.” Scour the internet, and you’ll find scores of comments using the physical appearances of these powerful men to make sense of the sexual misconduct allegations lobbied against them. These comments are unhelpful.

Matt Lauer is conventionally attractive–but he was so creepy that hehad a hidden button under his desk to secretly lock the door. George Takei was the internet’s adorable uncle–until he was accused of drugging and attempting to rape a model. Ed Westwick, who played the ever-so-sexy Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl, has been accused by three women of sexual assault.

Sexual misconduct is largely about power. While you do see women engaging in unacceptable behavior, men are overwhelmingly the perpetrators. It doesn’t matter if they’re “sexy af” or “fugly.”