Kush and coke

Korean rap producer Kush (쿠시) was recently arrested when he tried to purchase cocaine in an undercover sting. While many people were surprised that he does drugs, I’m a bit surprised at their surprise. Years back, he was in a reggae-themed group called Stony Skunk (스토니 스컹크), which heavily used marijuana imagery and had a song called “Mary and Me“–which is pronounced “marijuana” if said in Korean (메리와 나). In fact, the word “kush” usually refers to marijuana:

Kush’s record label is YG Entertainment, which has had a fair number of drug related incidents. For example, rapper G-Dragon was caught for smoking marijuana in 2011, and label mate T.O.P was caught for the same offense in fall 2017. In 2010, the two rappers made a song together called “HIGH HIGH,” in which the chorus was, “High, high, I’m so high.”

Broadly speaking, I think that drug use should be treated as a public health issue, not a criminal one. I hope that these talented musicians’ lives are not destroyed due to public scorn and the legal system.