Hookah is not healthy

I have met more than a few people in my life who seem to believe that smoking hookah (also known as “shisha,” or “sheesha”) is healthy, or at the very least, healthier than smoking cigarettes. However, smoking tobacco is never healthy–even if it is fruit flavored.

From the Center for Disease Control:

According to a study published in the 2012 issue of CDC’s Preventing Chronic Disease (PCD), many hookah smokers believe that smoking a hookah carries less risk of tobacco-related disease than cigarette smoking. However, hookah smoke contains many of the same harmful toxins as cigarette smoke and has been associated with lung cancer, respiratory illness, low birth weight, and periodontal disease. According to a report from the World Health Organization (WHO), a hookah smoking session may expose the smoker to more smoke over a longer period of time than occurs when smoking a cigarette. Also, due to the method of smoking—including frequency of puffing, depth of inhalation, and length of the smoking session—hookah smokers may absorb higher concentrations of the same toxins found in cigarette smoke

Emphasis mine.

It’s important to know all the facts, even if you end up deciding to smoke hookah.