Steve Jobs, alternative medicine, and cancer

Interesting article about Steve Jobs’ use of so-called alternative medicine:

Exact details of the alternative natural and traditional therapies tried by Steve Jobs before he underwent surgery in 2004 and eventually died of pancreatic cancer earlier this month have not been disclosed. (A representative from Apple declined to comment on any aspect of the Apple co-founder’s illness.) He reportedly restricted his diet to just fruits or just fruits and vegetables, tried out something called hydrotherapy and consulted psychics.


In any case, a mounting body of scientific and anecdotal reports provides compelling evidence about the potential impact, both positive and negative, of so-called complementary practices on the health and longevity of cancer patients following their diagnosis.

I’m skeptical of most medicine that does not undergo rigorous scientific testing and evaluation. That being said, these analyses are important for a population that is ever-growing more skeptical of institutions.