The wrong clock

When I saw headlines about Trump expanding broadband access for rural areas, I thought to myself, “Even a clock is right twice a day!” But, not this clock, I suppose. The announcement is a sham:

So at best expanding use of federal land and facilities is a minor band-aid. At worst, it’s a distraction from the fact that Trump’s administration isn’t willing to propose the amount of funding needed, and in fact to date hasn’t provided any funding at all.

Even the White House admits this step is “incremental” and that they need more money as part of Trump’s promised $1 trillion infrastructure bill, which is almost certainly never going to be passed by a Republican-controlled Congress. As will surprise no one, there is a clear disconnect between Trump’s narrative and what the orders will actually accomplish.

Internet in the United States is a mess. Don’t expect a technophobe like the President to improve it. Even if you’re one of his prime constituencies.