Tragedies in Miryang

There’s sad news out of the small city of Miryang (밀양시) in Gyeongsangnam-do Province (경상남도). The fire at Sejong Hospital began around 7:30am, taking firefighters nearly two hours to bring it under control. While all patients of a nearby nursing home were safely evacuated, many in the hospital were sadly not so lucky. A hospital caught on fire leaving 37 people (at the time of writing) dead. That’a a truly devastating number of people.

While Miryang has just over 100,000 residents, sadly this is not the first time it has made national headlines for tragic news. In 2004, an infamous gang rape in which (at least) 41 male high school students gang raped three girls over the course of a year. Miryang police then went on to blame the rape survivors for besmirching the reputation of the city. The incident is known simply as the Miryang gang rape (밀양지역 여중생 집단 강간 사건).