Yep, ‘Black Panther’ was that great

There was a joke on the internet that even if the new Marvel film Black Panther is bad, people should pretend it was good as to show support for the concepts behind such a groundbreaking movie.

For some reason,  Black Panther was released in South Korea 2 days earlier than in the United States. Having just gotten back from the theater, I can confidently say that no one will have to lie about enjoying the film. It was awesome.

It is ultimately a superhero film, but a damn good one at that. People with nationalist or separatist sympathies may take issue with some parts of the message, it does manage to bring up social issues without seeming clunky or corny. The soundtrack was also lit, and, although I might be biased, I enjoyed seeing the characters cavort around Seoul and Busan for a good chunk of time.

The film is important. Dr. Mae Jemison was the first black female astronaut in outer space, and she was inspired largely due to seeming a black female astronaut on an episode of Star Trek. Representatoin matters. Before its release, Black Panther has already broken records, and I hope that continues; the film not only deserves the success, but tens of millions of underrepresented people deserve this film.