Crazy enough that it might just work

Gun control supporters in the United States seem to want to reduce gun violence rates down to the levels found in Western Europe, East Asia, Canada, and Oceania. The only problem with that is that virtually all of the advanced countries in those areas have gun control laws that would be considered radical in the United States. People in the U.S. want the results of other countries without making the changes that led to those results.

I am not saying that background checks, assault weapon bans, and banning absurdly large magazines are bad ideas. They’re not! But, they likely won’t have the success that their proponents think that they will. Remember that most gun deaths in the United States are not mass shootings.

The United States has a few big challenges when it comes to this issue: the geographic size of the country, the pervasiveness of gun culture, and the sheer number of proliferated firearms. Small, incremental changes are not enough to overcome those issues. If people want gun violence rates of other advanced countries, then bold action needs to be taken.