War on ‘Chinese’ New Year!

Perhaps this story from the BBC will make “War on Christmas”-types in the United States realize how absurd they look:

Chinese model Liu Wen has sparked a backlash after sending a new year’s message to fans on Instagram. […] Liu used the phrase “Happy Lunar New Year”, rather than “Chinese New Year”, prompting some Chinese social media users to accuse her of neglecting her heritage. […] The supermodel has since changed her message to “Happy Chinese New Year”.

However, her account was bombarded with thousands of messages from nationalistic social media users who accused her of pandering to other Asian countries. […] “If even Chinese people don’t respect their own culture, how can you expect others to respect you?” Instagram user [redacted] wrote. […] Another user accused Vietnam of appropriating Chinese New Year, and said “you called it Chinese New Year last year, but Lunar New Year this year – disgusting!” […] A third wrote: “If you want to become Vietnamese so badly, get out and don’t come back to China.”

The phrase “Lunar New Year” is accurate. The timing of the holiday is based on the lunar calendar, not the Gregorian calendar (that’s the name of the calendar you probably use). Further, the holiday is celebrated in South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Singapore, and in other parts of Southeast Asia.