All My Exes Live in Texas

I find it irksome the degree to which regional stereotyping plays a role in U.S. political discussions. Conservatives frequently use geographic areas as coded language in their discourse: Detroit (poor black people), Chicago (dangerous black people), San Francisco (The Gays), New York (Jews), or California (Latinos). People on left do it too, but it’s basically aimed at any poverty-ridden Red State, with The Bible Belt and the Midwest being their primary targets.

These generalizations are silly. For example, California might be liberal,  but Orange Country sure isn’t! Texas might be conservative, but Austin sure isn’t! I’m not comfortable with alienating allies in these areas. One effect of the Electoral College has been distancing otherwise likeminded people and causing regional strife.

I think people should be more concerned about policy, anyway. Liberals should focus on what Bible Belt policies are problematic, and conservatives should criticize what Californian policies they perceive as bad. It’s not hard!