Abortion is not murder

I was digging through some old files, and I came across a well-argued defense of abortion rights:

The prevailing medical opinion is that, at least as far as the first trimester goes, there simply is not yet sufficient maturation of the developing brain and nervous system to give the fetus any real ability to achieve consciousness or self-awareness. The ethical conclusion that follows from this is inescapable: at least during the first trimester and possibly into the third, a fetus is simply not a “person;” and therefore an early-term abortion does not constitute “murder.”

Read the whole thing if you get a chance.

I will admit that the state of abortion rights in the United States is one that perplexes me. Despite advancements in scientific research, many people still cling to the notion of “life at conception,” and expect that legislatures will enshrine this faith-based view into law. More or less, support for abortion has remained constant over the past three decades, although abortion restrictions have increased significantly.