Gun control has worked in a lot of places

Although I do not agree with it, I can understand when people say, “Gun control won’t work in the United States, because [x].” They generally point out the size of the U.S., or our unique gun culture. In fact, I, myself, have pointed this out. But, what I do not understand is the argument that gun control cannot work anywhere. That’s blatantly untrue.

People who argue this usually contend that, while some other countries have banned guns, people are still murdered at a rate similar to the United States. That’s objectively false. There is simply no credible source to back that claim. The United States has the highest murder rate amongst advanced countries, and we’re filled to the brim with supposed “good guys with guns.”

I live in South Korea. There are virtually no guns here. Short of a few minor exceptions, it is impossible to privately own a weapon. South Korea has also one of the lowest crime rates on the planet. Criminals don’t run rampant, and the government is not disproportionately tyrannical. In fact, when the president broke the law, peaceful protests broke out and she was impeached.

Gun control can work in the United States. It just won’t be easy.