Militias are not good, don’t support them

Most citizen “militias” currently operating in the United States are full of right-wing cooks, many of whom act on conspiratorial and/or racist theories. It’s nice to think that average citizens can set out on a noble quest to protect their communities, but, in practice, it’s usually just maladjusted, racist white men with vigilante fantasies. Given the vastness of our nation, perhaps a handful of exceptions tot his exist–but not that many! 

Recently I came across this report from Talking Points Memo which reminded me of this dynamic:

The Oath Keepers militia group on Monday issued an official “call to action” asking their members to serve as voluntary armed guards at U.S. schools, in order to intervene in the event of a mass shooting.

But the group doesn’t seem to think much of some of the students they say they want to protect.

During a meandering Monday night webinar held by the far-right, anti-government group, the gun writer David Codrea referred to Emma González and David Hogg, survivors of the Valentine’s Day school shooting in Parkland, Florida as “the enemy.”

One of the  (many) problems with these “militia” groups is that they are wholly unaccountable to the communities they ostensibly serve. This is just one example of that.