Two quick thoughts about the North Korea developments


First, a few items that I haven’t seen acknowledged by the U.S. press:

  1. The President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, deserves most credit for this breakthrough.
  2. Trump’s approach to North Korea was not borne of an informed decision-making but rather knee jerk reactions.
  3. The Trump administration’s attention to the Korea has been inconsistent and troubling.

Second, a genuine concern: Trump is a very visual person. If he visits Pyongyang (평양), he will be subject to only what the North Korean government wants him to see. It is not hard to picture Trump soaking up the propaganda like a sponge and leaving Pyongyang thinking that it’s a clean, modern city.

This delicate issue require nuance and quick-wittedness. Trump posses neither of those qualities. Let’s hope for the best.