New Atheist Charlatans: Part I

I’m currently in the process of moving, so I won’t be blogging regularly. I have prewritten a series of posts critiquing the so-called “New Atheist” movement. I was originally going to submit these as a full article on Miguk Minute, but I decided to release them here instead. I’ll be back with regular blogging in two weeks or so. Enjoy!


Skeptics have probably been around for as long as people have believed in gods. While the first recorded instance of an atheist was Diagoras of Melos in the fifth century, it seems reasonable to surmise that other, less famous skeptics predated him. Fast forward to present day, and you will find that one out of every five people in the United States do not subscribe to any religion.

With this rise in irreligiosity, a handful of people have emerged as de facto representatives of this movement; they have been dubbed the “New Atheists.” While some prominent New Atheists have made contributions to the public discourse, their anti-Muslim views and subsequent implicit support for neoconservative ideologies cast a doubt on whether these New Atheists are good representatives of contemporary atheism.

In this series of blog posts, I take a critical eye to the New Atheist movement.