New Atheist Charlatans: Part VIII

I’m currently in the process of moving, so I won’t be blogging regularly. I have prewritten a series of posts critiquing the so-called “New Atheist” movement. I was originally going to submit these as a full article on Miguk Minute, but I decided to release them here instead. I’ll be back with regular blogging in two weeks or so. Enjoy!


These people should not be the defining voices for the irreligious. They have failed to differentiate valid criticisms of fundamentalist Islam from bigoted attacks on its 1.6 billion followers. If one cannot tell the difference between a Breitbart comments section and these supposed intellectuals, then there is a problem.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald took this to task in a 2013 critique of Sam Harris:

“Defending power while pretending it is a brave stance in defence [sic] of a left liberal principle” – is precisely what describes the political work of Harris and friends. It fuels the sustained anti-Muslim demonization campaign of the west and justifies (often explicitly) the policies of violence, militarism, and suppression aimed at them.