Democrats have better sex lives

Barely a day goes by where I don’t see people posting articles with headlines such as:

Study shows Democrats are smarter than Republicans

Report: Republicans have more life experience than Democrats

Do Democrats have better sex lives than Republicans?

No, those are not real headlines, but I have seen similar ones posted. And, no, I won’t be linking to them myself. They don’t deserve the attention.

To some degree, politics is tribal. In the United States, you have team A (Democrats) vs. team B (Republicans). To support one team over another often has cultural and social implications. Although perhaps it shouldn’t, this motivation for many people supersedes policy implications.

But these articles are dumb, almost always feature research taken out of context, and will not persuade a single person to rethink their views. Upon seeing these pieces, do any Republicans think to themselves, “Perhaps if I change my views on global warming and universal health care, my sex life will improve?” These articles seek nothing but to make partisans feel better about themselves by sole virtue of what “team” they are on.

Less of that, please!