Trump speaks English poorly. So what?

In December 2016, Glenn Greenwald fired off a series of tweets about the coverage of Donald Trump’s poor mastery of the English language:

In Brazil, [former President] Lula was continually strengthened by the constant mockery from elites of his grammar errors: highlighted his core narrative. Trump’s life (inherited mass wealth) & Lula’s (intense poverty, childhood illiteracy) are wildly different. But same political dynamic. I say this in full recognition that I noted his spelling error yesterday, while saying it’s trivial & helps him. Same thing happened when Trump announced he saved Carrier jobs, & journalists mocked him for saying “air conditioners,” not “furnaces”. All polling data shows media held in high contempt by large swaths of the population: so many of their attacks- even if valid- help Trump.

I understand the counter argument to this: Trump, as the face of the United States, should try his best to present the country in the best light. Fair enough! And I know that a number of my friends and acquaintances are rather proud that they have spent years studying intricacies of English grammar. Good for them!

Yet, grammatical snobbism simply isn’t necessary. This is politics, not English class. There are so many problematic aspects of the dumpster fire of an administration in Washington D.C. right now that proofreading Trump’s toilet tweets seems petty at best, classist at worst, and likely won’t help the broader anti-Trump movement.