God-given right to own a baseball bat

When I meet people who claim gun ownership is necessary for self-defense, I ask them why a baseball bat would not suffice.

Most burglaries occur during the day; robbers don’t want people to be home when they are ravaging the house. Of the small percentage that do occur at night, the thieves just want to steal physical goods, not to have an altercation. Even if they are armed, many will rush to escape once they’ve been discovered. Home invasions, random assaults, and arbitrary arsons are incredibly unlikely scenarios.

I don’t doubt that there are people who would feel safer with a loaded firearm in their house. Hollywood and TV news has been incredibly effective at scaring people into believing that they could be the next victim of a random home invasion–in spite of the incredibly low likelihood of this happening. Ironically, people are far more likely to shoot themselves or someone they love with their gun than they are to shoot an intruder.

Leave the ‘hero with a gun’, vigilante fantasies behind. In the vast majority of situations, a baseball bat will more than suffice.