My Stormy Daniels theories

Sex scandals are always a hot media item, but there’s more to the story. As Sam Seder has raised numerous times, it’s worth wondering not only why Trump and his administration are fighting Stormy Daniels so intensely, but also why the story itself was leaked. Perhaps it was just some savvy journalists doing what they do best, or perhaps it is emblematic of something deeper in the administration. 

Regardless of the cause, the world hopes to find out in mere hours what exactly Daniels knows that Trump wants to remain hidden. It could all be a huge “nothing”, with her just revealing some pretty vanilla details of a sexual affair. On the other hand, many people believe that the intensity with which Trump has fought against Daniels implies that there’s something more salacious at stake.

There have been a lot of theorizing over the past few weeks. While some are truly bizarre and unlikely, here are what I consider to be the four most likely outcomes:

  1. Submissive fetish. From the President’s public defense of the size of his penis to the alt-right’s use of the term “cuck”, the entire brand of Trump and his allies has been built on rhetoric and imagery of hyper-masculinity. This could gravely undermine that.
  2. Prenuptial agreement with Melania. While rumors have floated for years about Melania’s martial unease, these have gained traction since the Stormy Daniels story first broke. Imagine Melania being able to walk away from Donald Trump with a good chunk of ‘his’ money. All of this while Trump is in office, no less!
  3. Abortion. Stormy Daniels has talked about having unprotected sex with Donald Trump. It seems plausible that this could have resulted in an unwanted pregnancy. While abortion is a safe, legal, and perfectly reasonable medical procedure, this could be a breaking point for many Evangelical Trump supporters.
  4. Urine fetish. Given the controversy about the so-called pee tape, the knowledge that Trump has engaged in “water play” could undermine his own defense on the issue.

I was pretty confident that at least one of these was probably correct, until I saw this tweet by Daniels’ lawyer, in which he posted a picture of an untitled DVD without any specific description of its contents. I’m now not so certain. Only time will tell!