Trump vs. Sex

There’s a maddening story by Jordan Smith about the resurgence of abstinence-only sex education spearheaded by the Trump administration. It’s scary:

Under Obama, funding for ab-only programs decreased as new emphasis was placed on using science to develop evidence-based sexuality and reproductive education strategies. But the Trump administration is trying to reverse course. Along with the return to Bush-era funding levels to push the ab-only message, Trump has appointed anti-abortion, anti-birth control, and pro-ab-only advocates to positions within the Department of Health and Human Services and has yanked funding for a successful evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention strategy.

I’ve spoken to a number of people who have assured me that Trump isn’t really a fundamentalist with regressive views about abortion, LGBTQ issues, and sex. “He’s a businessman from New York after all,” a friend once told me. This might be entirely true! But, if Trump really isn’t a fundamentalist right-wing Christian, but his policies are straight out of the fundamentalist right-wing Christian playbook–then what does it matter?