Down the rabbit hole

It’s common to be connected on social media with mere acquaintances and to learn about their socio-political views. Chances are you haven’t discussed politics with a longest elementary school friend. However, I’ve been a bit disturbed my the number of my social media acquaintances who believe in health conspiracy theories. Just last week I saw someone posting a recipe for “cancer-curing lemon juice,” which is sadly one of the more tame conspiracies.

Someone shared a link claiming that people have 11 kilograms (26 pounds) of excess bowels in their intestines that can only be removed through herbal tea. A video I saw featured a supposed “doctor” claiming that drinking milk leads to brain tumors. And of course there’s Alex Jone’s Super Male Vitality Pills!

I can’t blame people for having a gram of skepticism toward big business and the government, but these health conspiracies end up hurting that very cause. If you believe that Big Pharma and Big Government are trying to control the populace in some nanny state plot, why give them more justification by believing in utter hogwash?