Don’t publicly shame your children

There’s a perception that contemporary parenting does not punish children adequately. I’m not here to tackle that issue, although it is fair to say (in general) that good parenting is typically a balance between positive reinforcements and negative consequences. Sometimes punishment is necessary. But, when doing so, don’t publicly shame them on the internet! Show some restraint.

Recently, UK-based Daily Mail shared a video of a father who forced his child to run 1.6 kilometers to school, in the rain, while the father followed in a car and videotaped the child. Undoubtably the newspaper did so to provoke a cacophony of Baby Boomers supportive of the measure and progressive-minded commenters speaking out against it.

I know that any attempts to point out the cruel nature of this punishment will be labeled “politically correct” or an example “snowflake mentality,” which is a dumb way to silence criticism. Is it too much to ask that parents keep punishments a private matter? Certainly there’s a middle ground between letting your kids run free and humiliating them in front of millions of people.